CT/PT Analyzer MCVT01C

Turn ratio test.

Ratio error and phase angle error test.

Secondary burden test.

Polarity check.


Technical Index

Large LCD screen and easy to operate.

With in-built micro printer for printing test result directly at site.

Automatically give CT/PT (excitation) knee point value according to test regulations.

Automatically give 5% and 10% error curves.

Can save 3000 groups of test results and no data loss even in case of power breakdown.

Support data transfer through USB or through PC by data management software also generate test report Function List .

CT(Protection Type, measurement Type) PT
Excitation (VA) characteristic Excitation (VA) characteristic
Automatically give knee point value Automatically give knee point value
5%&10% error curve Ratio test
Ratio test Polarity Test
Ratio error test Ratio error test
Phase angle error test Phase angle error test
Polarity Test AC Withstand Voltage Test
AC Withstand Voltage Test Secondary winding resistance test
Secondary burden test Iron core demagnetization
Secondary winding resistance test  
Iron core demagnetization  

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  • Item Parameters
    Power supply AC 220V±10%, 50HZ
    Output 0-25000Vrms, 5Arms(20A peak value)
    Output current 0-600A
    Excitation accuracy ≤0.5%(0.2%*reading+0.3%*measurement range)
    Secondary Winding DC resistance test Range 0.1~300Ω
    Accuracy ≤1.0%(0.4%*reading+0.6%*measurement range)
    Secondary Real Burden Test Range 5-500VA
    Accuracy ≤0.5%(0.2%*reading+0.3%*measurement range) ±0.1VA
    Phase Angle Error Test Accuracy 4min
    Resolution 0.1min
    CT Ratio Test Range ≤25000A/5A(10000A/1A)
    Accuracy ≤0.5%
    PT Ratio Test Range ≤500KV
    Accuracy ≤0.5%
    Working Conditions Temp.: -10℃ ~ 40℃;  R.humidity:≤90%
    Size & Weight 410mm * 260mm * 340mm; ≤22Kg
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