Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Test Set MCOT501

Testing of insulating liquids in transformers, bushings, switchgear, capacitors and hydraulics.

Large LCD display.

Make a choice for combination at random between A, B, C cup.

With microprocessor, can automatically test after simple setting.

Output voltage: 0-100KV.

Measuring precision: class 3.


Technical parameters

1)With microprocessor, automatically fulfill the withstand-voltage test of insulating oil.

2)LCD display.

3)With in-built thermal printer, which can print each breakdown and average voltage value.

4)Can save 100 group test results.

5)Make a choice for combination at random between A, B, and C cup.

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  • Input voltage  AC 220V±10%
    Output voltage  AC 0~100KV
    Rate of voltage rise  2KV/s±10%
    Measuring precision  3 class
    Continuously test Times  1-6
    Mixing time  0~99 second  
    Placing time  0-9 minute 59second
    Voltage limit setting for proof test  20KV—-75KV
    Voltage withstand time  0 -10 minutes
    Environment temperature  5-40℃     
    Relative humidity  ≤80%RH
    Size  430×390×420mm     
    Weight  28kg
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