MCOT80 Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Test Set

Testing of insulating liquids in transformers, bushings, switchgear, capacitors and hydraulics.

Large LCD display.

With microprocessor, can automatically test after simple setting.

Output voltage: 0-80KV (100KV optional).

Voltage rising speed: 0.5-5KV/s (adjustable).

Voltage distortion rate: <3%.


Technical Index

With microprocessor, automatically fulfill the test for oil circulation with a range of 0~80KV.

Large screen LCD display.

Automatically complete withstand-voltage test of oil after simple setting.

Can save breakdown voltage value (1 to 6 times) and recurrent times.

With in-built thermal printer, which can print each breakdown and average voltage value.

Can save 100 pcs test results.

Can display current ambient temperature and humidity.

Adopt a single-chip microcomputer to boost the voltage at an even speed.

Equipped with over-voltage, over-current and limit protections to ensure the safety of operators.

With the function of displaying the measured temperature and system clock.

Communicate with computer with a standard RS232 interface.


Testing of insulating liquids in transformers, bushings, switchgear, capacitors and hydraulics.

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  • Output voltage  0~80KV (100kv optional)       
    Voltage distortion rate  <3%
    Voltage rising speed  0.5~5KV/S (adjustable)
    Standing time  15min (adjustable)
    Boosting interval  5 min (adjustable)
    Boosting frequency  1~6 time(s) (optional)
    Booster capacity  1.5KVA
    Measuring accuracy  ±3%
    Supply voltage  AC240V±10%  50Hz±1Hz
    Power consumption  200W
    Oil volume 400 ml
    Applicable temperature  0℃~45℃
    Applicable humidity  <75%RH
    Overall dimension  465×385×425
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