Maintenance process requirements for electrical control equipment of control cabinet manufacturer

1. Maintenance of control cabinet bus
(1) Use high-power vacuum cleaner or portable hair dryer to clean the dust on the bus to ensure its good insulation. The control cabinet manufacturer uses brush and other tools to cooperate in the cleaning process.
(2) Clean the oil dirt on the bus with live cleaning agent (LE0). If the bus is heavily oiled, use a siphon gun and compressed gas to clean the oil.
(3) Check whether the bus support clamp, bus connection, bus protection isolation plate and the connecting screws between bus and switch base are loose and fastened. Check the bus connection, the connection between the bus and the switch base and the bus bridge bus for overheating and oxidation, and the bus contact surface should be smooth, clean and free of cracks. Otherwise, technical transformation shall be adopted and implemented.
(4) Check whether the bus support clamp (insulator) and bus protection isolation plate are damaged, otherwise they should be reinforced or replaced.
(5) Check that the clearance between buses at the connection of bus and switch base should meet the standard.
(6) Use a 1000V megger to measure the insulation resistance of the bus to the ground and between phases in the control cabinet to be above 0.5M Ω.
Control cabinet manufacturer.

2. Secondary circuit inspection and component test
(1) Clean the dust on the surface of each relay, terminal block and switch in the control cabinet, and check that the wiring of the cross-connect terminal is firm and the screws are firm.
(2) The secondary circuit wire shall be free of aging and overheating, or it shall be replaced.
(3) Check that the voltage circuit wire diameter of the secondary circuit wire is not less than 1.5mm2, the current circuit wire diameter of the control cabinet manufacturer is not less than 2.5mm2, the spacing between the wire fixing clips is not more than 200mm, and the bending radius is not less than 3 times of the wire diameter, otherwise the wire should be replaced and the bending should be adjusted. The fork between the switch body and the protection component should be tight and not loose, otherwise it should be replaced.
(4) Check that all indicator lights, buttons and operating handles on the control cabinet should act accurately and reliably. Make test records for the next maintenance reference.

Post time: Jan-11-2023