Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Tester MCPD001

Can detect PD activities in bother ultrasonic and TEV mode.

LCD backlit display.

Can test switchgear, overhead cables including transmission line, and etc.

Protection: IP54.

Chargeable batteries power supply.

TEV measuring range 0-60dBmV; Ultrasonic measuring range -7 to 68dB μV.


Can detect and measure PD activities as numerical value in both ultrasonic and TEV mode.

Can test different assets such as switch gear, RMU, overhead transmission line and etc.

Friendly-useful and backlit LCD display, key-press operation.

With self-test function, easy to know the performance status of the unit.

Test data can be saved in the unit and also can be upload to PC.

With chargeable battery for power supply.

Protection: IP54.

Size: 203mm x 72mm x 36mm.

Weight: 0.3KG.

Power supply: 3.7V 3.8Ah lithium battery, chargeable.

Continuous working time: about 6 hours after one time charging.

Technical Parameters

Sensor  Capacitive
Measuring range  0 - 60dBmV
Resolution  1dB
Accuracy  ± 1dB
The number of pulses per cycle maximum  655
Minimum pulse frequency  10Hz
Measuring range  -7 to 68 dB μV
Resolution  1dB
Accuracy  ± 1dB
The sensor sensitivity  -65dB (0dB = 1volt/ bar RMS SPL)
Sensor center frequency  40 kHz
Sensor diameter  16mm
Heterodyne frequency  38.4kHz


Main interfaces of PD detector

Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Tester MCPD001 (3)
Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Tester MCPD001 (2)

Main Accessories & Specs

Parabolic Ultrasonic Focusing Sensor  
(Optional for overhead assets include transmission line test)
Measurement of gain  16dB (compared with the internal sensor, from the target 2.5 meters)
Sensor center frequency  40 kHz
Sensor diameter  16mm
Laser power  5 mW, IIIR
Laser spot size  6mm, 5m in the distance
The parabolic reflector outer diameter  275mm
The standard parabolic reflector diameter  250mm
Weight  0.6 kg
Flexible sensor (AA)  
Option for probe tight spaces (switchgear overhead cable)
Overhead cable 40kHz
sensivity ≤40dB(V/uPa)
Function checker  
Used for verifying the working status of PD detector before measuring switchgear, transmission line and other electrical equipments, etc
Battery charger
Rated voltage  90 264V - AC
Frequency  47 - 63Hz
Charging voltage  6V DC
Charging current  500 mA
Required to fully charge time  8 hours
Test cable & Communication cables and other necessary accessory
Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Tester MCPD001 (1)
Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Tester MCPD001 (5)
Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Tester MCPD001 (4)

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