Portable Three Phase Reference Standard Meter MCSB03B

Small size and weight.

Used in lab or worksite.

Work as standard meter and calibrator in worksite or lab.

LCD display.

Accuracy class: 0.05 or 0.02 (optional).

Measuring range: 3*(1V-576V)/3*(1mA-120A).

Power and Energy test, Demand test, CT burden & Ratio Test, PT load test, Dial test.

Optional for DC measurement for transducer test.


Technical Index

1. Can be used as a standard meter in the lab; also can be used as portable reference meter in the worksite to test the energy meter.

2. Can test error of various single or three phase electromechnical or electronic meters, HT & LT meters.

3. Large LCD display and with touch screen to operate and set parameters.

4. Can do CT ratio & burden test, dial test, demand test and PT load test.

5. CT/PT ratio can be multiple with meter constant when doing dial test.

6. Optional for DC measurement for test of transducer etc.

7. Can measure stability of voltage, current, power, asymmetry of voltage and current amplitude in three phase circuits, unbalance of voltage and current in three phase circuits, asymmetry of phase.

8. With three ports for pulses to output and input.

9. Can analyze the harmonics of voltage and current, 2-51 times.

10. With storage function, can store more than 500pcs test records.

11. With RS232 and USB port to communication with computer.

12. Can display vector diagram, waveform, harmonic analysis, distortion calculation, frequency spectrum, amplitude & content&phase of harmonic.

13. Can test and instantaneously display:

Active, reactive and apparent energy of each phase and total Current, voltage, frequency, phase angle between voltage and current Active power of each phase and total (basic wave+harmonic) Reactive power of each phase and total Apparent power of each phase and total Power factor of each phase and total Phase sequence Date and time.

14. With over voltage, over current protection.

15. Weight: approx 7.5kgs.

16. Accessories: scanning head sensor, test cables, clamps, pulse cable, power cord, communication cable,etc.

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  • Mains Supply Range 45-450V, 45-65Hz
    Power consumption Max 20VA
    Influence from external power supply on test result ≤0.005%  when change 10%
    Working Temperature -10 °C….+50°C
    Temp. Co efficiency ≤0.0025%/ °C +10°C to +40°C≤0.0050%/°C -10°C to +50°C
    Frequency range 45…70Hz
    Influence from external magnetize field ≤0.07 % /0.5mT
    Time base 1-99s
    Current Test
    Direct modeRange:1mA-120ADisplay resolution: 6 valid digitsMeasurement Error:

    ≤ ± 0.02%             10mA…120A

    ≤ 0.02% to 0.05%  1mA to 10mA

    Clamp modeRange:10A, 50A,100A,300A,500A,1000A, 3000A (optional)Display resolution: 6 valid digitsMeasurement error: ≤0.2%
    Voltage Test
    Range 1V….560V
    Display resolution 6 valid digits
    Measurement error ≤ ± 0.02%   (30V…560V)   
    Burden Measurement
    Voltage range 0V…5V
    Display range 0.000mv…5.000v
    Measurement error ≤ ± 1.0 %          
    Power Measurement (active, reactive, apparent)
    Error: ≤0.02% (40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5, 2-21 Times Harmonic Wave)
    DC Measurement   
    Range 0 ± 20 mA 0V …± 10V
    error E < ± 1.0% E < ± 1.0%
    Display range 0.00 mA…20.00 mA 0.000V….10.000V
    Energy Measurement Error
    Active & apparent:  0.02% (direct mode)  & 0.2% (clamp mode)Reactive:                 0.04% (direct mode)  & 0.4% (clamp mode)
    Power factor measurement
    Error E  ≤ ± 0.0002
    Display range -1.00000….+ 1.00000
    Resolution 0.010
    Frequency Measurement
    Error ±0.005%RD
    Range 40-70HZ
    Display range 40.0000HZ to 69.9990HZ
    Harmonic content measurement
    Times 2 – 51times
    Error ±10%RD±0.1%
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