Good news : close cooperation with Indian customer

ter months of technical details communication and price compromise, we have again  close cooperation with Indian factory ,During the May Day holiday, we sent a 40-foot container to the Indian factory , which marks that the friendly relationship between our two companies will be further strengthened. This time we sold the products as three phase standard power source, single phase power source, reference standard meter, three phase energy meter test bench 20 positions, isulation current transformer , serial sever…微信图片_20230510104915微信图片_20230510104930微信图片_20230510105052微信图片_20230510105115微信图片_20230510105059微信图片_20230510105139微信图片_20230510104519微信图片_20230510104418


Thanks to the Indian  factory for the support and trust that has been given to us in the past 8 years, we have been striving to provide the best service to our customers. We believe that the cooperation between our two companies will be even better and make progress together. We cherish the cooperative relationship with very much, and will continue to maintain the good development of this relationship, and we will continue to strive to provide customers with better services. Our goal of pursuing customer satisfaction will not change, and we look forward to closer cooperation and new business opportunities. We believe that through long-term cooperation and trust, we can achieve more brilliant achievements together, create greater value for customers, and bring more opportunities and development space for ourselves. Finally, thanks again to for your support and trust in us, let us work together for a better future!


Post time: May-10-2023