Standard Potential Transformer (6-35KV)

High accuracy and stability Use as a standard PT for PT testing 0.05 class or 0.02 or higher (optional) Small excitation current Integrated with voltage generator are available.


Technical Index

1. Used as a standard during PT testing.

2. High accuracy and stability.

3. Small excitation current.

4. Small corona sound benefiting from excellent design.

Customized according to client requirement is available

5. Convenient for maintenance.

Customized according to client requirement is available.

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  • Model HJS-35 HJB-35
    Design Type With Voltage Generator Without Voltage Generator
    Rated Primary Voltage 6kV(6/√3kV), 10kV(10/√3kV), 15kV(15/√3kV)22kV(22/√3kV), 35kV(35/√3kV), or according to customer requirement
    Rated Secondary Voltage 100V, 100/√3V, 110V, 110/√3V, or according to customer requirement
    Accuracy Class 0.05% or higher accuracy class available
    Rated Secondary Burden 0.2VA (100V, 110V), 0.07VA (100/√3V, 110/√3V)
    Power Factor COSΦ=1.0
    Operating Range (20%-120%). Un
    Frequency 50Hz
    Insulation Epoxy resin casting or oil
    Products Structure With voltage source (HJS-35)
    Input Voltage of Voltage Source AC 0-250V  (HJS-35)
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