HES Series Transformer Tester

LCD display.

Ratio error and phase angle error test.

Impedance and admittance test.

With PC software.


Technical Index

1. Ratio Error Test of CT and PT

2. Impedance and Admittance Test

3. LCD display

4. Sound & Light Alarm Function when polarity abnormal or ratio inconsistent

5. With RS232 communication port

6. With PC Software

Support customized requirement. 

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  • Rated current

    5A, 1A

    Rated Voltage

    100V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 150V, 200V, 220V, 230V (or according to client requirement)


    1/√3, 1/3, 1, 1.5, 2

    Accuracy class


    Operation Range

    (1%-120%)In; (20%-120%)Un



    Ratio Error Range

    ±0.0001%±19.99% (3 ranges: 0.1999%, 1.999%, 19.99%)

    Minimum resolution: 0.0001%

    Phase Error Range

    0.01′ ~ ±900′ (3 ranges: 9.00′, 90.0′, 900′)

    Minimum resolution: 0.01’

    Impedance range

    0.001Ω~ 19.99Ω.

    Minimum Resolution: 0.001Ω

    Admittance Range

    0.001ms ~ 19.99 ms

    Minimum Resolution: 0.001ms

    Input Load

    On Standard CT secondary side: ≈0.11Ω, COSφ≈1.0

    On Test Object CT secondary side: ≈0.003Ω, COSφ≈1.0

    On Standard PT secondary side: ≈0.05VA (100V)

    Power supply

    AC 220V±10%

    Power consumption


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